5 Powerful Tricks to Increase the Speed of Your Computer

As time goes by, the speed of your computer may began to decrease, and the computer may take a long time to respond to your actions e.g. surfing the internet, opening files and folders and so on. Before you make up your mind to buy a new computer, first go through the following list of simple things you can do to speed up your computer today.

List of things you can do to improve the speed of your computer:

1. Scan your Computer for Errors
The easiest way to ensure that your computer runs faster the next time you use it is scanning it to see if there are any possible errors. Basically, your computer’s operating system is a collection of files performing different functions. Overtime, theses files may become corrupted leading to a decrease in the speed of your PC. Using the “System File Checking” utility solves these errors, thereby improving your computer’s speed.

2. Scan for Virus, Adware or Malware
A virus is a little, nasty program that causes various problems to the users. Sad but true, all computers are vulnerable to virus and this might have a high effect on their speed.
Additionally, presence of spyware and adware programs (which are created by manufacturers to help them fetch more information from customers for the purpose of improving their marketing strategies) on your computer may add to its decreasing speed.
Regular scanning of your computer for viruses, adware and spyware is therefore a great way to speed up your computer.

3. Uninstall Unused Programs
If you have installed many programs on your computer, uninstalling the ones you don’t use might improve the response time of your computer. How do more programs affect your computers loading speed? Well, when you install a program, a direct link is created between the program and the operating system. This means that even if you don’t use these programs, they can slow down your computer.

4. Defragment your Hard Drive
If all the above tricks haven’t worked for you so far, you can try defragmenting your computer`s hard disk to see if the speed will increase. This is based on the fact that if you have loads of information on your computer, Windows usually place different parts of the same file on separate locations of the hard drive. Defragmenting the disk therefore place all the information related to a single file in one location, leading to a higher response time.
It’s highly advisable to first back up all your work on a different hard disk, or CD when defragmenting your computer to avoid data loss. Also, ONLY defragment your local disk when you are connected to a reliable source of power- power loss when defragmentation process is running might cause even greater problems to your computer leave along the speed issue!

5. Reinstall the Computer`s Operating System
Have any of the above methods worked for you so far? No? Don’t worry… There is still one more thing that you can do to increase the loading speed of your files and folders. This involves reinstalling your computer`s operating system and programs! To do this, first back up all your data and other user settings, fully clean your hard disk and then re-install the OS using your original disks. Finally, restore your user settings and install your favorite programs.

Final Thoughts
That’s the list of powerful tricks that you can use to increase the speed of your computer. What`s more, these tricks are very easy to handle and you can do them on your own at the comfort of your sofa.