So You Need To Secure Your Data?

If you’re just realizing that it’s super important to secure your data on your computer, then you’ve come to the right place.  And don’t worry, better late than never.  The thing about computers is that your data can be erased very quickly.  And it won’t just delete one thing, like losing a photo album.  It will delete everything!  You could lose years worth of documents, photos, and other things in one big swipe.

This is why I implore people such as my friends and family, to employ the strategies that I am about to list for you right here in this blog post.  It could save you a lot of time and money one day.

Back Up Your Data

First of all, before you install any security on your computer, ensure that you have a reliable backup plan in place.  I highly recommend using a cloud backup solution such as BackBlaze.  I really like Backblaze and it has saved my life a couple of times.  When I was in the middle of a paid job and my computer’s hard drive broke, I had to use Backblaze to restore it.  It saved me hours and hours of time that I would have had to spend re-doing the work that I had already done.

Backblaze in that sense was worth its weight in gold.  So, if you want a mindless solution to backing up your data, I would definitely look into Backblaze or some other similar solution.

Protect Your PC

If you need to protect your PC from attacks, then learning about everything first is a very good idea.  I highly recommend a site called We Hate Malware, where you can learn all about the best ways to protect your computer from cyber threats.  Another great educational site is Krebs On Security and the Wired tech blog.  These are great for education on the state of computer security.  Knowledge is indeed power in these types of situations, and avoiding getting attacked is a great way to be.

Programs such as Spyhunter 4 and Malwarebytes are excellent defenses against the dark arts of computer viruses and malware.  These days it’s a little hard to determine what is a virus and what is malware, but malware is a bit more prevalent.  This is because hackers have learned how profitable it can be to steal someone’s banking information and either use it or sell it on the black market or “dark web.”

Don’t Browse Bad Neighborhoods

Another thing that you should do from now on is to avoid bad internet neighborhoods.  These are areas of the internet that often harbor viruses and malware.  Things such as adult sites, gambling, and hacking forums are hotbeds for criminal activity.  You will want to avoid these at all costs, or if you must browse them I recommend getting a separate netbook that has zero personal information on it that you can wipe and restart easily if a virus or malware gets onto it.


Have you had an experience with computer malware or a virus and didn’t have your data backed up?  Or did you?  Tell us in a comment below!